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Corbin Fisher has only ever filmed one double penetration scene before; this is the second. Travis has become one of the site's regular bottom boys, and there's no doubt that he loves the feeling of a hard cock up his ass. In this scene, Jeff and Derek are taking turns fucking Travis's ass. And during a break in the filming, Corbin Fisher suggested a double penetration scene to the guys. Jeff's and Derek's eyes got saucer wide, thinking, "That's just not possible." But Travis was intrigued with the idea and definitely up for trying. So when the filming started up again, Travis mounted Derek's cock and started riding him good and hard. With Travis's butt hanging off the edge of the bed, Jeff took his cue and slid his dick into Travis's already full hole. Travis didn't have any problem swallowing a second dick, and Derek looked up like he could hardly believe it was happening. And with two dicks sliding into his fuck hole, Travis's cock got rock hard -- he definitely liked it. The three guys end this video totally drenched in sweat and blown away by what just happened. And for a super hot experience, these two tops rewarded Travis's with a juicy facial.

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