Two Cocks For One Ass Two Cocks For One Ass

Luke Desmond receives a text from his partner-in-crime Darius Ferdynand. It reads "I have a surprise for you". Along with a picture featuring Justin Blake sprawled on the bed, half-naked. Luke quickly responds, "I'm on my way"

The thought of hooking up with Justin gives Luke a massive hard-on. Upon arriving, he doesn't waste any time. Luke rips off his pants displaying one massive hard cock. Which he uses, teasing his hot man-meat all over Justin's face.

Wanting to get naked, Luke tears off his shirt. Revealing a physique that lean and muscular. Luke's hips goes into automatic pilot as he fucks Justin. Thrusting his cock in and out of Justin's hole like a machine. Darius is watching this sexually hot fuck session on the sidelines. He can't help but jack off his own cock as this is steamy stuff.

But Luke is not finished just yet. Justin is flipped over and is fucked doggy style by Luke. However there is a twist. Justin gets pounded with twice the fun. You see Darius cannot stand not being part of the action. So he gets his cock into Justin as well. Two for the price of one. Justin gets pounded hard by two huge cocks. Feeling as if his ass is going to be split open at any time. That is how intense it feels.

Seeing Luke's gigantic cock inside Justin, while Darius is fucking his ass at the same time is a sight you have to see for yourself. But have the tissues handy. You will be shooting multiple loads of your own cum as this is to hot for your own cock to ignore.

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