Choosing the right piece of furniture to finish off a room is not always easy. Take the leather ottomon in this picture, for example. Actually it's so big, it's almost a coffee table. But that's the great thing about it, and I'll bet Corbin Fisher never thought when he bought that it would make a great fucking bench. He probably just thought how it matched the sofa and would look great in the space. I'll bet Corbin Fisher never thought that one day a hot guy like Trevor would be lying back on that over-sized leather ottoman and Caleb would be riding his cock. And once Caleb has his fill of Trevor's big cock, Caleb bends his buddy over the leather ottoman and fucks his butt with his equally big cock. Both of these guys have bottomed on Corbin Fisher before and Corbin always wanted to see them top another guy. But Caleb and Trevor are both fairly well-hung and their large cocks scared away a lof of the other straight guys on the site. Corbin's solution was to have these two studs bottom for one another. Since they had both been fucked before on the site, perhaps they wouldn't be so afraid of another guy's big dick. And indeed, they weren't. And that ottoman sure helped things along.

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