Cherub and Dyoma are beautiful twinks with innocent faces and very active libidos. When they asked if they could do another shoot for HM Boys, the photographer jumped at the chance. And that's when everything went wrong. There was a power outage and the photographer couldn't use his studio lights. Luckily the photographer thought of something - why not shoot outdoors in the sunlight? They went off to the local park, where there is a lake, and after swimming and frolicking naked, Cherub and Dyoma got down to some serious making out. The second they touched, it was like someone flipped a switch, and as they kiss, there's incredible heat!

Since both of the boys have appeared several times for HM Boys, they're not shy or nervous around the camera. In fact, they hardly think about it - they were both much more involved in each other.


As the sun dried their 19 year old bodies, Dyoma and Cherub got hornier and hornier. Soon they reached for each others' uncut cocks and sucked each other hungrily right there on the grass.


When you have 2 horny 19 year old twinks in action and so very hot for each other, you know that eventually they're going to fuck - and they did, right there in the sunshine, their slender bodies pressed together, a hard cock thrusting into a tender ass!


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