I was checking out the new talent at English Lads when I realized there was something I hadn't noticed before - most of the pic sets show the lads playing in their underwear. Now, I don't know about you but the sight of a cute twink rubbing his cock through his briefs turns me on. A lot. I'm happy when instead of ripping off his clothes and going at it, the model spends some time with his cock caressed by his briefs, his hands stroking his hardening shaft through the fabric. Maybe I have an underwear fetish, but nothing is quite as erotic as a 19 year old wearing his briefs.

I'm turned on whether the pics are of a solo amateur feeling his dick through his underwear or a couple guys who just haven't gotten naked yet, one with his lips pressed against the other's rod through his briefs.


And there are so many variations. Tight, crisp form-fitting briefs are probably my favorite because they really show all the detail - the shape of the cock head, the thickness of the shaft. Sometimes you can even tell through those tighty whities whether the twink wearing them is cut or uncut! And it's certainly fun to look closely to see if you can tell. But any color or type of material is sexy when it's covering a college boy cock.


The truth is that you pretty much can't go wrong when these cute English Lads start to masturbate or play with each other while their equipment is still packed away in their underwear!

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