Kyros Christian is a twink star who's also known as the Candy Spookie, and he says he has the hottest ass in New York. He and his boyfriend Dylan were doing a shoot for Jizz Addiction, and when they were asked who they wanted to shoot with, these two horny twinks both said Shane. Why? Because Shane likes nothing better than servicing more than servicing more than one cock at a time. Kyros is the one on the left with the dark hair, and Dylan is the one on the right. And of course, Shane is the one in the middle who's sucking them both!

Of course, sometimes Dylan wants to suck his boyfriend's dick, so he just leans over to get a mouthful of Kyros' cock and gets a taste while Shane keeps stroking his own rod.


Man, Shane just loves doing 2 hard cocks at once, and Kyros and Dylan put their meat in his face so he can lick both poles at once. Shane better open wide if he wants to suck them both!


And once the boys are getting very close, their hard twink cocks leak pre-cum. Here's a treat - Kyros', rigid and just about ready to shoot as he strokes it, a drop of jizz dripping from the head...


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