When Alex decided to do a shoot for Boy Station, he wasn't sure what to expect. They asked him what he liked and he said he loved going to the beach, so the photographer to do the shoot of Alex in sand. They chose a deserted beach and once Alex was comfortable, he shed his clothes and enjoyed the feeling of the sun as it warmed his entire naked body. Soon Alex found he was really getting off on having the camera pointing his way while he frolicked naked - he made a point of showing off his cock and ass!

When Alex first started to bare his twink body for the sun, he was a little shy and he undressed slowly. He pulled up his shirt, then unzipped his pants and stood with them open for just a minute.


But once Alex got used to baring all, he felt sexy. He posed to show off his smooth, slender body, his twink ass and cock. And I love those untrimmed pubes, too.


After letting it all hang out, Alex enjoyed displaying his slightly spread hairy ass and his hard cock from behind - and I know the photographer must have been having a rough time staying behind his camera instead of pouncing on that 20 year old ass!


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