I've always been impressed by Twink Academy. Not only is it possibly the best place to live out any school fantasies but it's an almost perfect and seemless fantasy. The site doesn't look like a porn site - which it is. It looks like it's a prep school for troubled 18 - 21 year old boys. And now they've added a new campus to their existing lineup - their Enland campus! As they put it on the site "All the well-known traditions of English public schools are certainly apparent at our English campus where our students enjoy some of the finest available opportunities for personal growth and development".

Ah, England with its long-term reputation for corporal punishment including humiliating paddlings and the university rep of having a freshman forced to act as servant - and more - for an upperclassman. What could be a better place for a prep school for bad boys?


The new campus includes guys from Scotland and all over the UK. This is a great place to see the "students" in their school uniforms and sports kits. And of course, roommates in the dorms have to find an outlet for their hormones so there's plenty of boy on boy sex at Twink Academy.

But what really makes this site stand out is the details - we get to see the boys studying, the buildings the campuses are housed in, the infirmary (where VERY thorough physical exams are given) and we even meet the dean of the school.

Best of luck to Twink Academy with their new England campus!


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