O.k so what is a gay to do when he can shake his BOO-TAY better than Beyonce? Well, obviously you make a video of yourself twerking your ass for all it's worth in the bedroom, kitchen and of course the pool!

Julian Serrano has become an internet sensation with his video "Pretty Gang Twerk" and has been everywhere on the gay blogosphere with his delicious butt-cheeks showing us all how to hypnotize any man with just a shake of dat ass! With over 200 thousand views in just 6 days this video is bringing all the HOMOS to the yard!

I think that after watching this video most of you will be dripping wet with excitement "down there" and also many of you will ask when the hell will we be seeing Julian Serrano making his gay porn bottoming debut? I mean you KNOW that shit is gonna happen and soon!

Enjoy and TWERK!

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