As fans of campy porn-movie titles, we've always enjoyed the creative concoctions that PZP Productions has come up with over the years. This is the Florida-based company that brought us classic porn parodies such as The DaVinci Load, Oliver Twink and The Twink Whisperer. You get the idea. Founder/director Peter Z. and his crew haven't done much filming for the past couple of years (thanks to the recession), but now we have a new release of sorts--and a fun new title! Tweeting Twinks From Outer Space celebrates the annoying age of incessant social networking and consists mostly of greatest hits from the boutique studio's vaults, but the film does include a couple of unreleased gems, including young'uns Micah Andrews and Tristan Sterling in a never-before-seen 30-minute locker-room duo that will have viewers reaching for the Gatorade. And because the movie is part of PZP's new Featurette Line of lower-priced product, it's within everyone's budget. See? The economic downturn was good for something! Also starring Damian Ryce, Danny Boy Bigg, Ricky Cruz, Shane Stone and Justin Young. To order, visit


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