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I'm still waiting for a doctor to say that to me. I think the closest I've come is "Turn left to get back to reception." Really is there a fetish for which the fantasy vs. reality ratio is more heavily weighted to fantasy? Yeah, I used the fancy word ratio. Maybe that'll catch the attention of a highly educated smartypants doctor.

The power of the medical fetish is that the doctor doesn't break the fourth wall. Sexual things maybe kind of happen but are never acknowledged. Sexual responses maybe kind of happen but who can help it? It's not the fault of your penis that getting a digital anal exam makes you spring a boner. Especially if he probes for 17 minutes. You know, just to make sure.

So much medical fetish porn out there has the performers breaking that wall. A few seconds in (after some halfhearted stethoscoping) the doctor's coat and scrubs and the patient's gown come off. Though as pure fantasy, some of the porn does a good job. You'll need to be judge, jury and masturbator.

Want a real life experience? You could always look up doctors who've been sued or cited or whatever happens for sexual misconduct. Great idea, right? Or more likely find someone who's really good at acting and has a huge budget so you can build a whole exam room situation. Or get a whole group of guys together for a mass physical. Bonus points if someone gets super embarrassed for real.

Wanting to seduce someone into trying it out? Well good thing it's a pretty darn flexible fetish, allowing other fetishes to work their way in. CMNM? Check. Feet? Check. Underwear? Check. Milking? Check. Bondage? Check. Checking the prostate? Check, check and check!

But if you want a real medical professional pervert, go for a dentist. They're all sadists. And they'll give you a toy after. If you ask nicely.

P.S. The doctor will suck you now.

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