Wow, isn't that really something? It sure didn't take long for the site to catch on and it's now one of the most popular film and video clip sharing paradises known to man. Personally, I find it tedious to look at poorly recorded material, and there's just so much stuff that it becomes overwhelming. Nevertheless, there's no denying the benefits of uploading stuff you want to share, and being able to see stuff you missed that someone was kind enough to put on the site. But even better than sharing last week's episode of a popular TV show, is the X-rated version of YouTube. Now that is something to behold.

The benefits of Xtube are simple: you get to see oodles upon zoodles of hot young guys going at themselves and each other, all for absolutely nothing. In addition, you get to see clips of material available at exclusive websites so you can whet your appetite and make informed decisions about which sites you acquire memberships to. I've seen a lot of super hot material on the site, and my favorites folder is busting at the seams. But, there are a couple aspects to it that really blow.

First, I hate the fact that you can't save any of the clips. I understand that they are protected for a variety of smart reasons, but I think Xtube could benefit from offering some of the original amateur clips for purchased downloads. For example, there are a few world-class hotties that have some incredible jackoff and selfsucking vids, but in order to see them, you have to go to Xtube and find them. Personally, I'd rather have them on my hard drive and catalogued for my own ease of use. It's easy to lose track of where you've been at the site, and once you've added a bizillion favorites, it's even tougher to sift through them to find what you want. Plus, we all know that it can take a while for some of the larger clips to download, especially if you're on the site during a heavy traffic period. I think if the site offered some of these clips for cheap sale, say $2.99 per 5-minute clip or something, they would benefit financially and we would benefit as well. Until then, there are some annoying limits to the experience that I wish were not present.

Second, it is unfortunate that so many of the hotties that contribute such great material to the site are virtually impossible to communicate with. Nine out of ten dudes that you send comments to about their vids never respond. Some of these dudes totally have porn star potential and could make some serious dough for themselves instead of giving it away, but I guess the shyness factor is in high gear in most cases. I've seen some boys on there that I could turn into an instant web success in porn if only they'd answer their fucking email, ya know?

Ultimately, though it's got limitations, the benefits of Xtube are immense, and I must applaud the geniuses behind its conception. It does make me wonder how it will affect the online porn industry overall. If people can get hot vids at YouTube for nothing, will they be inclined to cough up $20 a month on a website membership to or the like? I think there will still be a market for membership-based sites, mostly because, like with most things, there's also plenty of crap at YouTube. Some vids are very short and poorly lit, and many don't even have sound. It's no replacement for higher quality production values and full scenes of sex from start to finish. But it sure is a nice place to visit. It's better than Hawaii, if ya ask me'



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