I really do like all these gay bear resource sites coming out these days. Especially ones as nice looking as TubeBear. It's main function is as a personals site, but you can find many other links here as well. Check out Bearapalooza, a travelling gay bear music festival which has been alive since 2002, or advertise with Planet Bears. Just to name a few. Tubebear isn't a huge personals site, but you can surf through 261 profiles and check out some pretty hot looking hairy fellas. For those really into the bear thing, this could be a nice place to go hang out. The site surfs very easily, it's mostly free, and there is a huge emphasis on webcam chat. You can even check out a live stream of any guys who are online. For free! It still has to undergo some growth, but given time I'm sure Tubebear will become a very nice online home away from home.

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