It is almost every gay's fantasy to have a hot trucker pick you up while you're hitching a ride home after a very long night. (Well, that for me was a regular Friday night in my high school years, yes I was the school whore!) Now, we no longer need to fantasize as a very real British driver makes his big porn debut for Cristian Torrent.

"Drew Driver" is his name and getting fucked up the ass is his game. Drew is no stranger to getting it on in public as he travels around England delivering his "loads" (seriously, the puns just could go on forever!) So he decided that it was high time to take his hot self to the porn world and so far things have been going amazingly well for the British stud.


This hunky driver made his debut in the raunch fest that is "Club Induction 409." He and porn pup Cristian Torrent go at it sucking, licking and then Mr.Torrent really gives Drew a pounding that I'm sure he hasn't forgotten! Drew was very eager to please and he serviced Christian to the max!

With over 5,000 followers on Twitter as well as being included in this year's Hustlaball Event in Berlin, I know that we all will be seeing Drew Driver doing tons more work with other studios! He may be enjoying the ride that gay porn is giving him at the moment, but this stud has no plans on quitting his day job. So who knows, next time Drew pulls into your town, he may just give you the ride of your life!

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