trough ass

Peeing in a trough isn't quite as fun as peeing in a mall food court water sculpture but it's still fun. Especially if you get to watch. When a guy's peeing, he relaxes his body, including his ass. Especially his ass. Especially everything waist down. Except his legs fully because then he'd fall over and pee on himself. And everyone wants that. I mean nobody wants that.

So when he's peeing and still has a delightfully tight muscle ass that means he has a delightfully tight muscle ass at all times. Especially the important times when you're watching. Pee troughs are awesome.

The person who invented them was a Mr. Ivan Petrovski from Poland back in 1930. All the guys who used to pee in his mouth needed somewhere to pee when Mr. Petrovski was working at his cupcake shop. Yes he also invented cupcakeries, but that's another story. So while he was at work, he gave them a trough to pee in. He also gave them some cupcakes to pee in but those weren't as popular as the trough. Learn more about Mr. Petrovski at your local library men's room.

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