It took a few days for NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN to get these pics out, but like they say - "Better late than never." Juan answered his door on Halloween night to find a hunky trick-or-treater standing on his front step. Tall, lean and obviously well hung, he donned a mask. Juan immediately felt his member start to harden and invited the stranger in for a drink. Little did Juan know, it was he who wouldn't be doing all the drinking.


Juan wastes no time getting to work on the stranger's tootsie roll. Talk about candy!! This guy's cock is fucking beautiful. I'll bet that straight boy has never felt anything this good before. No one sucks dick better than a hungry man who knows what the hell he's doing. Juan certainly does!


This is a million dollar shot right here! What a spectacular piece of fuck meat! This stranger couldn't have cum to a better place that's for sure. This is just the sort of candy Juan was dying for on this night. Sweet, sweaty cock candy. All sticky and thick in it's full form.


Yeah, no doubt our stranger has never been deep throated like this before. You can see in his eyes he's reached a place like no other. He glares into the camera with a primitively lusty leer as his massive meat is engorged. NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN has exactly what you want to see - Juan taking a pearl necklace from this well hung party crasher. Trick or treat boys!! Get it while you can!

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