If you surf for new porn sites as often as I do, which is approximately every ten seconds, then you know how there's a lot of tough choices to make about how to spend your hard-earned dollars (or is it earned-hard). Some sites show you everything they have to offer. Some sites have a handful of preview pics and enticing text that lead you down a rosy path, while others show you very little and want you to join their site based purely on faith. Faith in porn is in short supply, as it should be, '˜cause most sites don't deliver as much as they promise. The best kind of sites to try are those who show you everything they've got.

Don't ya just feel raped when you join a site that has some hot pics and a couple sample vid clips, and then after you join, you realize there's only 10 vids, a small number of pics, and your wallet is $30 lighter for a whole lotta nuthin'? Chaps yer hide, don't it? It's especially infuriating when it turns out that the site doesn't get updated very often, or when you discover that the vids can't be saved to your hard drive. There's always a certain amount of risk, but the risk is higher for sites that don't tell you the full story at the beginning.

I am most fond of sites that show you their entire catalog of videos and pics in their guest tour. For one thing, this makes it very clear from the start what a potential member would be receiving. This is particularly cool when you can see all the thumbnails, thus getting a look at each and every model which is a real plus considering how many sites have bow-wows in their model line-ups. With this approach, you know everything that's available and the only thing that doesn't work until you pay for a membership is viewing the full vids or pics. When a Webmaster shows you all his stuff and leaves nothing to mystery, it demonstrates a strong confidence on his part in the appeal and quality of his site. I admire that immensely.

Here's a tip for every Webmaster who currently provides only a measly typical tour of their sites or a small number of preview pics/vids'show us everything. I haven't done the research, but I would suspect that sites which show you their full catalog of materials on their preview pages have a higher new membership rate than sites who show you very little. I think there's probably still a concern in some Webmasters that showing a potential member a preview of everything will spoil the fun. That's just dumb. The more you show them, the more likely they are to join so they can click the download button! Less is not more when it comes to previewing a porn site.

In addition, I think every porn site should offer a trial subscription. I think it's great when a site offers a 2 or 3-day membership for under $10. This is ideal for consumers who can't afford a full membership, many of which are too damn expensive anyway. It's also great for porn collectors who can go through a site's entire catalog in a couple of days and download everything they want to be viewed later. Sites that don't offer trial subscriptions and only have one expensive membership fee always go to the bottom of my list for investigation. Just like complete catalog previews, a trial subscription shows confidence of the Webmaster as well as a genuine thoughtfulness toward customers, most of whom are not made of money.

When you're porn site shopping and you come across a site that doesn't show very much in the preview or for which there is no trial subscription, I recommend that you drop an e-mail to the Webmaster and make a suggestion to this effect. The more people who request a trial subscription option and/or the ability to review a site's full catalog of models and vids, the more likely the Webmaster is to consider adding these options. In the end, it's better for the Webmaster and the customer, and we all go home happy and sticky! Think of it as online mutual masturbation.



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