More fun and games at Jake's place as Trey Casteel goes from a surly porn star (right) to the smiling Trey whenever he drops by. Trey and Blu have even done a gallery together at Jake's - that's Trey putting a smile on Blu's face, above. No wonder Trey's happy at Jake's: he's said that he hates topping in porn films as it's damn tough to keep his cock hard over an eight hour shoot.


As Trey Casteel:

Forbidden Dreams (Raging Stallion)

Roid Rage (Raging Stallion/Centurion)

Humping Iron (Raging Stallion/Monster Bang)

Crossing the Line: Cop Shack 2 (Titan)

Cross Country 2 (Falcon Studios)

The Hunted (Falcon Studios/Mustang)

Trapped (Falcon Studios/Mustang)

Brawlers (Falcon Studios/Mustang)

Limits (Falcon Studios/Mustang)

Play On (Studio 2000)

Man Hunt 2.0 (Hot House)

Mischief (Hot House)

Trunks 2 (Hot House)

Hard Cops 2 (Massive Studio)

Swat: Hard Core (Massive Studios)

As Trey:

Jake Cruise Galleries

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