Trevorade is essentially the product of one Trevor Hoppe who writes most of the material and who inspires the sense of this charming, informative and highly intelligent blog. Mixed with scenes from funny, serious, hot or otherwise-fascinating videos, Trevor provides commentary on a wide and controversial list of topics - from Viagra and gay sex to the oddities of the American Far Right and their bizarre stances on things sexual - and not just gay. But it needs to be mentioned, more than once, that there is abundant humor in here too - some truly funny shit. In the end, Trevor is a man possessed of an incisive and penetrating intellect who is unafraid to deal with the thorniest social problems. He makes arguments which make abundant sense and which were devised to keep us asking questions. He keeps the mind on fire with his studious approach to society and to our own niche's of interest. His subject matter is too wide to destroy by capsulizing - but suffice it to say his approach opens rather than closes argumentation. He is obviously among the smartest guys we know, but it does not at all take away his own sense of fun and pleasure. Likable, smart as a whip and "seminal", he inspires us to think and to play - two of the greatest pleasures we can ever know. I really like this blog.

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