Trevor Yates: Like A Prayer?

What do you do when you have a huge cock and you have had enough of fucking hot guys for BelAmi? Well, obviously you move to the Vatican City and join some kind of "youth" Catholic movement!

Gay porn performer Trevor Yates dressed as a priest

Trevor Yates has updated his Facebook with a whole bunch of pics from the Vatican City. There's a pic of The Pope, then there are some pics of Trevor looking like a priest plus a quick description that simply says: "Mine is not the usual career path to get to the church. Came here through the adult industry."

So what does this all mean? Could it be that this a fake profile that someone did in order to try and "out" Trevor and his porn past to the strict views of the Catholics? Or could this be part of a very real-looking promo for BelAmi's new 3-part flick titled "Scandal In the Vatican" that will be out this September?

trevor yates cock sucked by twink

Hopefully it's the last one, 'cos it would be a real shame if we did not see Trevor using that big fat cock to fuck some naughty twink because he was now praying all day! Have a look at the pics and let us know what you think... is this in fact a promo, or has Trevor really left gay porn to discover his holy side?

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