Trevor Wayne

Here's the personal blog of actor/artist from Los Angeles, Trevor Wayne. He's tattooed, he's alternative, innovative and not afraid to have his photo taken in some very unusual settings. They are cool photos, by the way, lots of arty ones with waterfalls and candles, a great one of him silhouetted on a railway track (sporting a hard-on), and then others that you could consider 'fashion' shots, which look like they've come from some very avant garde magazines. Trevor's not afraid to get his dick out, and it makes several appearances here. Actually, after a few pages I was starting to wonder if there were going to be any pics of anyone else, and I think the answer on that one is 'no'; this is all Trevor. But the naked shots are nice, and erotic, though they don't tell us much about the guy. The blog doesn't either, though there are links to websites for you to follow. I was interested to see that he'd appeared in the movie 'L.A. Zombie' and on the cover of a couple of magazines. And I wondered what it was that's got him there? The fact he'll do most anything? His incredible tattoos? I guess the man, although very public, likes to remain a bit of a mystery.

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