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Everyone knows that breaking up is hard to do and it's a tad harder when you have to do it publicly and then you can multiply that by a million of both of you work in gay porn! DRAMA TIME!

Well, once porn couple Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder were the talk of the town, posting pictures on twitter of their undying "devotion and love", shooting scenes together for Hot House and Dominic Ford. But that relationship somehow ended and now things are turning not-so-nice.

Recently Trenton has been making their break-up even more public by tweeting and posting pictures to Tate that aren't so loving and friendly like this:

Then after that tweet, Trenton decided to take things one step further and wish him a very crisp and happy morning with this little gem of a tweet and pic:

So, as you can see, Trenton's not got a whole lotta love for Tate, and on the other hand Tate hasn't replied or really retaliated with anything nasty or even mentioned the fact that they've broken up or were going out!

I had the not-so-great pleasure of meeting and working with Tate Ryder on his website about a year ago, and right from the very beginning I could tell that he was about 25 cards short of a full deck and that he also liked to stretch the truth... A LOT! So, when I heard that he and Trenton had broken up, this really wasn't a big surprise for me.

Will Trenton continue his "fuck you" messages to Tate? Will things get uglier on twitter between the two and will Tate ever respond? Who knows, but one thing is for sure - breaking up is a lot harder to do when you involve thousands of followers on twitter!

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