Trenton Ducati Timberline COLT 1

Trenton Ducati has been cleaning up on the award circuit, with recent wins at both the Hookie and Grabby awards. Now, the porn superstar is branching out in a new solo for Colt Studio Group. In this scene from Timberline for the long-running Minute Man series, Ducati gathers some wood in the great outdoors then decides to go natural. The tattooed muscle stud strips down and savors his own stench as he flexes and poses. Soon his red jockstrap is straining, and it's time to free the beast. As the press release notes, "Handling hard wood is what Trenton does best as he takes his own thick piece in hand for some serious knob rubbing." Serious, indeed. He pumps his swollen pole while fingering his tight butt. In the end, Ducati plants his copious seed on his taut tummy and then eats it. And Mother Nature gets to witness it all! For more information, visit

Trenton Ducati Timberline COLT 2

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