Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder Break Up

Another day, another porn star couple split! It seems like only a few weeks ago (it was) that we were writing about hot new porn couple Jake Genesis and Seth Knight. Well, they're kaput. And now, the demise of Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder as a gay porn power couple comes hot on their heels.

Director Dominic Ford, while plugging his new thriller The Silence of the Cams, in which the now former lovers appear, has announced that this is probably their last scene together. But they were still boyfriends when it was shot. In this gay sendup of The Silence of the Lambs, Trenton plays detective Clarence (aka Clarice) and Tate plays killer Lector. "This scene shows two hot men at their best," Dom says. "If you're an ass lover, you are going to love this scene. Trenton can't stop playing with Tate's ass. And watching Trenton's huge dick go into Tate just puts this video over the edge!" The duo ends with Tate splattered in jizz and Trenton licking it up. Tate takes some from Trenton and slurps it up too. Nothing like a bit of snowballing to seal a doomed relationship! Does that look like a goodbye kiss!? For more information, visit


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