Travel Jerk Off

Another simple idea is taken to extremes of delight at Travel Jerk Off. This image blog/site is all about guys getting off while on vacation. Trucks and beaches feature a lot - trucks and beaches and raging hard-ons, actually. And all kinds of other things go on as well. I found a neat video clip taken with a hidden cam and watched some guys' bulge for a few minutes, then clicked on in deeper to the archives to find guys naked on the beach, ordinary men jerking off in their cars, some videos clips from studio movies where vehicles featured, amateur shots of nudity in the field while camping, and then professionally taken posed models outdoors. You don't so much get the idea that you are on the move, but you do see a pattern emerging as you browse the collection. You also see where the image is from, when it was uploaded and if there are any comments about it. You can enlarge these images and more easily read comments if you click the 'reblog' link beneath each one. The site also has an archive where you find hundreds of thumbnails with dates, and there is a random feature too which is fun to use. So, if you're into guys showing it off outdoors, then you definitely need to check out this blog.

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