I just love these tranny sites. SO funny! First thing you should do if you plan on heading over here is click on the "About" link in the top menu. You have to love a header that reads "Who are we? Why are we polluting the Internet?" Trannyshack is the official website representing the San Fransisco nightclub with the same name. It's designed as a portal for the small, but popular gay cabaret, but also offers a bit more as well. If there are any events taking place in the vicinity of Trannyshack they will be announced here. If you would like to know more or have something to offer, feel free to email them as they don't bite from what I can tell. At least, not if you don't want them to. Trannyshack seems to be quite the hotspot for some serious talent too. By clicking on "Photos" you can see local folks on stage and partying with the likes of stars such as Charo and Cindy Lauper. This seems like a pretty cool club to me. The site is funny as hell guys. Head on over for a few good laughs. God I love trannies! LOL.

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