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I love Nick Moretti. He's a ruggedly handsome, hairy man who always puts on a good show. And he's one of the better and more popular doms over at Bound Gods. He really knows how to whip a boy into shape. In this session, coach Nick Moretti keeps Blake Daniels after ball practice to help him get into better shape. Nick starts off running Blake up and down the bleachers, then he makes Blake strip down to his jockstrap and do push-ups. Having worked up a good sweat, Blake hits the showers.

Nick watches, snorting Blake's sweaty jockstrap, and when Blake starts playing with his erection in the shower, the coach just can't help himself. He's got to have this boy. Nick drags Blake out of the shower and puts him over his knee for a good hand spanking. Then Nick brings out his flogger and works over this lean stud's smooth body.

Nick restrains this blond athlete and fucks his ass with a baseball bat. And once Blake's hole is worked open, Nick bends puts him on all fours on the desk and fucks his ass hard. With his hands tied behind his back, Blake is helpless and takes everything the coach gives him. Then the coach restrains Blake's legs onto a trapeze and hauls his butt up into the air and fucks him some more. But Nick has clamped Blake's nipples and he's pulling on them at the same time. With a ball gag in his mouth, Blake can only muster muffled screams.

Blake doesn't really care about the abuse, he just finally happy when the coach lets him shoot his load. And boy, does he ever! Fucking Blake's ass and jacking his cock, Nick jerks Blake's stiff cock and finally lets this boy shoot a gusher all over himself. This was a hot one, guys, you'll want to head over to Bound Gods and watch the free video preview.

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