training a master

A new shipment of boys arrives at the Bound Gods House and dom Christian Wilde is helping Master Van Darkholme process the new meat. Paul Wagner and Derrick Hanson are tied up and blindfolded. I've seen Derrick Hanson around doing porn for various studios, but Paul Wagner is new to me - and what a hot, fucking chunk of man! He's beefy and hairy, just the way I like them and I'm looking forward to watching this hot man serve. When new meat comes into the house, it's the dom's job to determine which men are suitable for training as future doms or subs, and which ones will be returned to the streets, deemed "not fit for play" or "untrainable."

Paul has an easy demeanor and has potential to be a great sub, so the doms test out his cocksucking abilities. While Darkholme straps on the electrodes and test drives Paul's nipples, Christian Wilde is toughing up Derrick's ass. They've seen dom potential in this lean, tattooed stud, but they have to make sure he's got what it takes. So he's bound on the table and his ass is caned to see if he can pass the test. Then the doms turn the slaves on one another. Which one is going to get his ass fucked? You might be surprised, I sure was!

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