training a new slave

Dylan has never been trained formally as a slave. He attended a bondage party on the Upper Floor of Bound Gods, and there have been many requests for his return, but he's still in need a training. He's a true sub, but he's not perfect.

Brenn Wyson and Van Dark Holme recently put Dylan through his first training session, with the help of members in IM chat. When Brenn stings Dylan with the cattle prod, Dylan whimpers, "Thank you, Sir. May I have another?" Dylan struggles as Brenn sticks his big cock up Dylan's tight ass. But then, in a second round of fucking and suspended in a rope bondage harness, Dylan finds Brenn's cock much easier to take.

The Masters snap on some nipple clamps while Dylan is tied up and secure. And then, they go to town on his cock and balls, clipping them with instruments and pulling on the attached ropes. Dylan endures the torture, but he's not liking it much. In the end, Dylan servicing his Master and ends up with a load of cum all over his face.

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