RANDY BLUE really outdo themselves most of the time, and our hot hot cutie today is a prime example. Christian Lorok is your cute-as-hell, boy-next-door type. The gleam in his naughty eye will make your knees go weak and your member twitch with anticipation in your pants. Let's take a look at a few images featuring Christian rooting around his tight butt with his favourite toy.


Christian stares at us with a lusty, mischievous glare. Yummy cock in hand, he's getting stoked up to put on his show for us. What a cutie! He reminds me of my first teenage lover, Chris. Chris couldn't get enough, just like myself, and the bliss and lust we shared was incredible. I sure would like to share some bliss with Christian here. How about you?


When fingers wander, you never know where they'll end up. That sweet look on Christian's adorable face tells us a lot. Like....anal exploration is on the menu. Mmmmm....that's a dish I think I could eat up in no time!


Ohh, what's that in his hand? A little toy I believe. It doesn't end here though so don't fret. Head on over to RANDY BLUE to see much more of this hunk of love exploring his anal side. The list of men just like Christian is never ending. And the adventures, no less enticing. Thus making for a rock-hard, cock-stroking good time!

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