Towelroad actually calls itself "Gay Blog/Towelroad - more than gay news for gay men". They are right. It is more than "just gay news", but what "gays news" they cover is of the harder-hitting, sometimes painful variety. This blog attacks the attacks, as it were, listing incidents which are some of the most egregious anti-gay events of our times. They do much other reportage - the post dealing with Sarah Palin is particularly interesting. And they talk of normal and lighthearted things, too - entertainment, dating etiquette, places to go and events to see. But I could not help but be impressed with a certain fearless quality I see in many newsworthy gay blogs these days. They have this in spades. Granted, gay news is now national and even world news any more. Disappointment with Barak Obama is expressed here and detailed as to why. The attitude is hopeful but fearful and I think appropriately so. There is a fabulous - and I assume exclusive interview - with the outed Daniel Choi, the Arab language expert jettisoned from the the US Army - which is totally if not exceptionally newsworthy. In itself, that makes this blog among the most important in the blogosphere. What is even more interesting is the subject matter and the conduct of the interview itself. This is a great piece of legitimate journalism. This blog is serious and adult and it addresses real life concerns with appropriate gravity, yet still has some fun.

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