Erotic fiction seems to really be taking hold these days, and with lots of great webmasters around, the sites that are being built to sell this stuff can be very well done. Total E Bound is such a site with it's unique and interesting layout. Your main menu runs at the top of the pages, while links to the latest releases and short stories are to your left. One of the best ways to find out what's new and hot is to take a trip over to their blog. From there you got some short reviews and excerpts from the shorts and novels. The prices look fairly reasonable and there are lots of kinks, fetishes to choose from. For those who like their fiction a little more tame, no worries, you can find that as well. All ebooks works can be opened in either Adobe Reader or Microsoft Reader. For those who may not want to shell out money at the moment, by scrolling down a bit, you'll find links to some free ebooks on your left. While not as extensive as the ones you can buy, they're still quite good and should take you on some erotic and sexy adventures indeed.

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