Top #Selfies of the Week: Mirror Studs Top #Selfies of the Week: Mirror Studs

Damn that whole thing where mirrors are two-dimensional because I so want to reach in and touch these studs. Like in one of the rare breaks when they're not touching themselves. Touching their own pecs and cocks and assholes. Rubbing their own balls and thighs. Licking their own biceps. All while snapping photo after photo. Yeah, they need a break, need someone else to take care of the photo snapping and body worship. I'm so goodhearted I'm happy to volunteer.

And I'm still all about dickless selfies. Exposed chest is still exposure to me. Especially when a towel is wrapped as low as it can go without showing cock base. I love that the guy is exposing at all. Because some things can be private. Less can be more, can let my mind fill in the blanks of who this guy may be, imagine what he looks like fully nude, fully hard, fully mine.

Holy fuck, what's up with that massive cock on the top right? You know when a guy is that big and not even fully hard that he garnerd really awesome cock size kharma in his prior life. Maybe he'd been a worker bee and did a really great job in the hive. Or maybe he discovered the cure for pleated pants. Stakes are even higher now. How does he use that cock? How busy is he with it? And why doesn't he seem to know who I am?

One thing I know for sure: these guys totally jack off while staring at themselves in the mirror. I'm equally sure the thickly-hung, lean-muscled Sam Bridle does too. The difference is he's letting someone else hold the camera. And he can squirt on cue. Makes a real mess. A hot fucking mess.

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