top selfie

This may better be termed bottom #selfie of the week. I mean, look at that tight ass. You could bounce a Susan B. Anthony dollar off that thing. And a few thousand lira. Okay, now eyes back to me. So the guy has that orange cap Gatorade on the bureau. He's a bottom who needs a sports drink for endurance. And taking dick is a sport. Nike should sponsor a few of those guys who do it the best (amateurs and professionals). Even though technically sneakers aren't required in order to take dick, they do get you to the guy's apartment at least.

Still, despite his talent for keeping his butt pert and ready, what I admire the most about him is his love of geography. He's got a world map and a Paris skyline. A true dreamer.

I accept he may not be a bottom, though I figure so many guys have begged him to be, he's probably given in once or twice or a few hundred times. Let's all give thanks.

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