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So next time you're on the street and see a guy with this exact majorly divine twinkle in his eyes, it means he likes to show his hard dick online. It just does. I've done the research. But that doesn't give you permission to pull his shirt up and pants down and take a picture of his business and post it for the cock hungry among us. That's why it's called a selfie.

Still it would be tempting to ask such a guy to hold the camera so both his hands can be free. I guess jacking was the original selfie?

By the way, this couple I knew asked me to take dirty pictures of them once. Well they weren't a couple exactly. They just wanted to sexually express themselves for fun and picked each other to pose with, not get off with. Except this was before digital photography was readily available so we went with 35mm actual film.

For the developing part, we all had to block the window of the hour film developing place as the dirty pictures streamed by through the developing machine for all sidewalk folks to see. I think that was the couple's favorite part, pretending to block the pictures from view while calling extreme attention to them.

Come to think of it, they had that same twinkle in their eyes as this guy. Must be genetic. Or magic.

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