top man drilling fuck buddy's ass

I blogged about Real-Life Fuck Buddies Derek Parker and J.R. Bronson a couple of weeks ago, and when we last left them, Derek was just starting to slide his stiff rod into J.R.'s cock-hungry butt hole.

I enjoyed watching them so much that I thought I'd bring you the rest of this scene, which Man Handled split into two parts. The first scene included a lot of tender kissing, but after some hot cock sucking, these fuck buddies are pretty revved up and the ass pounding gets pretty intense.

After teasing his buddy's butt hole a bit with his cock, these two men get into swapping some more oral. Then J.R. sits on Derek's stiff hard-on and rides it hard. Derek lets J.R. have his fun, then he flips his fuck buddy on his back and pumps his ass like he's drilling a hole through a concrete wall.

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