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Travis has been a favourite top guy on Corbin Fisher for a while now, but after this video, he may never top again. He looks so hot down on his knees and getting his ass boned that Corbin Fisher may put him on permanent bottom duty. That's one of the things I love about Corbin Fisher. With his stable of regulars, we get to watch them slowly evolve through all facets of guy-on-guy sex. When they first have to bottom many of these straight guys are squeamish about it. But over time, they start to realize how good it feels. After swapping blowjobs Jeff lies back and Travis mounts his big dick. This gets Jeff really horny, and then, he slips in behind Travis and pumps the bottom's ass full of cock until Travis shoots a massive load all over the sheets. It's fucking hot! Now, if we could just get Jeff to take off his black socks while he fucks!

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