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Ahhh! Being gay! Of course everyone knows that we chose to be gay like the shoes we pick to wear everyday. Sometimes our shoes say "cock" while other days our shoes say "pussy."

Yes, it is that simple.. right? Well, for most people with half a brain all of that would be totally wrong, but over 60% of Americans think that gays actually "chose" to be gay! So am I saying that 60% of Americans don't have half a brain?


Of course, the peeps WITH brains over at FCKH8 decided to put these stupid ideas onto video form with the help of none other than America's Drag Sweetheart, Raja, from RuPaul's Drag Race! I think it's high time that people wake up, fucking smell the fresh lube and realize that we are fucking sick and tried of being treated the way some of us have been treated recently with bullying, dumb-ass laws and downright fucking stupidity!

People, we gotta get this out there for everyone to see... and remember, will give 10¢ for every Facebook "Like" & Twitter tweet of this video up to $10,000, so get out there and spread the mutha-fuckin' gospel!

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