Recently a lot of people have been telling me they just don't see what's sexy about toons. It puzzles them what turns the rest of us on about anime or hentai. I'm always a little surprised because where but in erotic art or cartoon porn can you see a guy with a 20" cock fuck an impossibly beautiful twink with his own 15" erection?

There's a lot of porn toons out there. Japanese style art with big eyes and spiky hair that reminds one of Speed Racer or Astro Boy (and did I ever have a crush on HIM when I was a kid!) is very popular. While we don't usually get to see really detailed Japanimation because it is so time consuming and expensive to create, I have been seeing more and more original stuff being turned out by sites like Spunk Toons.

I appreciate seeing more exclusive content because up till recently, most cartoon porn sites sort of recycled the same pic sets and plugins that you could see on every other toon site. And while seeing these perfect, idealized toon guys is hot, seeing the same ones over and over is not.


In toons, we can live out every fantasy. Want to be fucked by a super hero? I'm talking about a huge muscular man who can not only fly but who also has a bigger-than-life cock. In a gay toon, the fantasy is there for you. Or how about exotic locations? In erotic art, the guys and the sex can take place anywhere. A desert island, the foot of a volcano, in a beautiful mysterious cave or right there on the street. Any location is fair game.

And don't forget - not only are cartoon men usually REALLY well hung, they're also the epitome of whatever niche is featured in the strip. Muscle hunks are not just big, they're impossibly muscular and strong. Toon twinks are so cute, so smooth, so boyish. The perfect man, alas, doesn't exist except in a toon fantasy. Yum!

Of course, there are more toons out there than hentai and anime. There's rendered art, which is computer-generated porn. Often this seems more "real" than cartoons, more mature. But it's still a staple of a lot of cartoon porn sites and the more realistic look can capture the imagination and set your libido on fire.


Toons are hot! They can bring our perfect men to life, with cocks so hard and so big that we'll never see anything like them in person. Toon porn is often not only horny, it's fun. Fantasy hair colors, costumes, men with tails and cat ears or fur - anything they can fantasize about a toon artist can bring to life! And toons often tell a story, with or without words. Anything can happen in cartoon porn, but whether the guys get fucked by giant tenticle monsters or by muscular guys with 16 inch cocks, toons are the ultimate fantasy porn.

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