When it comes to the artistry of sexually explicit cartoons or comic strips, there seem to be two basic perspectives: 1. Toons are hot! 2. To be turned on by animated characters is silly and pathetic. As with most issues of opinion, neither perspective is right or wrong; it's simply a matter of taste and how openly creative a mind is to varying styles of erotica. From my perspective, toons can indeed be incredibly sexy, and some of those hand drawn gay boys are goddamn hot to trot!

I remember when the Disney film Aladdin came out in 1992. A significant number of people, both men and women, commented on how attractive the Aladdin character was (who was modeled after Tom Cruise). But for every person who said, 'Hey, if Aladdin was real I'd wanna bang him!', there were others who said, 'That's pathetic! What are you, some kind of a desperate sicko who can't get it on with real people so you jack off to cartoons?!' Funny how so many straight guys openly had the hots for Jessica Rabbit in 1988, but any gay guy who thought Aladdin was sexy was labeled a pervert.

It seems rather a narrow view to condemn toons as lacking erotic value and to further condemn those who find such art sexy. Such harsh judgment may be a result of a closed mind and the inability to understand why toons can be sexually stimulating. Toons are fantasies realized in a stylized format. If you examine some of the best gay toons, such as the classic works of Tom of Finland, it is easy to appreciate the inventiveness and powerful eroticism that oozes out of the imagery.

Consider the fact that, in most gay toons, everything is enlarged and accentuated. Dicks are usually massive in size, sometimes to ridiculous proportions. Erect nipples become enormous radio knobs. Bulging crotches are the size of basketballs, and every character's body has a flawless physique. The artists are presenting what they see as idealistic perfection of the male body, and it makes you wish everything really looked that big and beautiful. The result is that we get to see sexual fantasies that could never possibly be created in real life. Toons are a heightened expression of sexuality where anything is physically possible and there are no limits to the imagination. This is a wonderful form of erotica and I hope the day comes when we see feature productions with animated characters doing the nasty in real motion. Most attempts so far have been mediocre, but technology is catching up and I suspect we'll be seeing some serious hardcore animated pornos in the near future.

Aside from some of the fine art I've seen here at GayDemon.com (how 'bout our devilish mascot by Patrick Fillon, huh?), I must draw attention to the artists at HornyBoy.com who have created a charming original series of auto fellatio toons. These comic strips are richly drawn with fine detail and are scorching hot. Looking at these toons is almost as hot as watching live dudes blow themselves (key word: almost). On other sites, I have seen some amazing anime-style toons, and some of the gay superhero toons I've seen are mind-blowing. Several years ago, someone sent me a pencil drawing of Batman and Robin in a tight embrace as they were giving each other a passionate liplock. The image gave me an instant erection, both because of what I saw and just the idea that these two muscular superheroes were getting it on in the Bat Cave.

Whether you think toons are silly or sexy, to classify those who get off on them as pathetic or desperate is short-sighted. It really isn't any different than someone getting turned on by the scent of dirty underwear or a man in uniform. It's just another form of erotica that happens to have an otherworldly style and limitless possibilities. Okay, if you're jacking off to Scooby Doo or Daffy Duck, then you might have some issues, but aside from that'

I applaud all artists who write and draw gay toons, and I encourage them to keep up the good work. We need more creativity in porn, and animation is a great avenue to really open up and explore sexual fantasies on a broad and uninhibited canvas. Bravo!



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