Too Ugly To Blow? Too Ugly To Blow?

One of the things that frustrates me about bath house sex is so many guys are circling around and around the hallways looking for the most perfect fuck of the night. Picky Players, I call them. But Ivan here from Straight Fraternity begs the question: Can a guy be too ugly to blow? I mean, look at that heavy-hanging cock of his, it's gorgeous, and it gets even better when it's rock hard. I can't stop thinking about having it in my mouth.

Ivan's not the best looking guy around, and his blond rocker haircut or questionable fashion choices don't help. In fact, many gay men wouldn't give him a second look if they passed him on the street. But I've had sex with plenty of gorgeous men who are dead boring fucks -- they coast on their good looks. I've found not-so-beautiful guys are often better lays -- they try harder.

So how do you feel about Ivan knowing that he's packing a fat, honking piece of meat. Would you feast on his dick? I would. In a heart beat. For me anonymous sex fills a need -- I'm horny, I want to suck dick. That's not to say I'll do any guy who wants to come in my room. But there's something about a massively fat dick that softens my standards because I just HAVE to have it. Why not sound off in the comments below: Is a guy like Ivan just too ugly to blow?

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