You know all those sites featuring straight boys who fuck and suck each other? Well, in real life, that's not the way it always happens. Take this shoot from Dirty Boy Video. They hooked up this straight guy to do a video. First off, when choosing a porn name for himself, he chose "The Arm". Okay, sometimes straight guys are weird - we all know that. But The Arm? Anyway, the plan was that The Arm and Damien would jack off together, and when the time was right, Damien would make his move and start sucking The Arm's cock.

But The Arm (do I feel stupid calling him that!) caught on and said there would be no touching during his shoot.


So the two guys sit stroking on the couch. The Arm is watching a straight porno movie as he beats his meat and Damien stroking while watching he's actually The Arm jerking his rod.


In a way it's disappointing that The Arm is too straight and wouldn't let Damien suck on his cock, but watching these two horny guys jack off is fucking hot!


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