It seems that Treasure Island Media has been banned from the Folsom Street Fair because too many men near their booth had erections. While the Folsom Fair is always full of horny guys, it appears that there is a limit to just how many can be horny at one time ;)

From Treasure Island Media's press release:

"A representative of the Folsom Street Fair, expressing disapproval for the "amount of sexual activity and the number of exposed erections" told the TIM team that they will not be allowed to return to the event in the future.

They were also told that they were forbidden from using any footage of the event shot by TIM or friends of TIM.

"We were repeatedly warned to stop all the sex and nudity that was happening around our booth," reported legendary TIM exclusive DAWSON . "Specifically, they said there were too many erections at the TIM booth! I can do a lot of things but I don't think I can stop guys from getting hard-ons."

The Fair representatives also objected to the two Treasure Island Media sponsored human urinals who helped relieve the pressure for countless Folsom Street Fair attendees.


Paul Morris, owner of Treasure Island Media, was quoted as saying "Again? I thought this event was about freedom of sexual _expression and good clean fun. Unfortunately, it looks like the Folsom Street Fair may have entered the Bush league."

One of the primary elements of the Treasure Island Media booth was promoting the research being carried out by the UCSF Gladstone Labs.

Representatives from the Positive Partners research program were using the booth to enroll participants in a research project on HIV re-infection."

That's really too bad - looks like no more fun for Treasure Island at the fair because they made too many guys horny...

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