Is there every such a thing as a man that's too hairy? For many guys, I'm sure there is. But for me, Brett isn't one of them. In fact, Brett is the kind of hairy man that I really go for. I'm not really into the big bellied bear type of man. But Brett is slender and lean and very hairy -- just how I like them. Let's start at the top, with Brett's bald head. I do love bald men; I think they're very sexy. And Brett is also sporting a big, bushy moustache, and facial hair is my second big button pusher. Brett's body is lean and very hairy. His chest hair is turning grey, but his belly hair is still dark. Isn't that one of Mother Nature's cruel jokes on us? I always figured that since all the hair on my head fell out that it would be nice if she just left the rest of me alone. But no, as I creeped into my forties I started noticing the odd grey hair in my beard, and then, they started to appear in my chest hair as well. Brett's got a hot, round butt, too, and yeah, it's hairy. And he's got my favourite kind of cock with a big head. I'm not so stuck on a big, honky piece of meat, although they are nice to fantasize about. But when it comes to wrapping my lips around I cock, I like a comfortably average cock like Brett's. In his Bear Films gallery, Brett lies back on a sofa and pumps out a nice load of cum all over that furry belly of his.

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