tonyBuff is the name of one of the hottest rising stars in the Leather/S&M community. Good-looking and built like a brick shithouse, this ex US Marine is now 38 years old and gaining notoriety and respect as not only a fabulous performer in films, but also as a very active instructor, activist and leader in the realm of Sadomasochistic Arts. Now employed exclusively by Titan Films, Tony travels between shoots to speak on the issues he cares for, including the proper behavior, care and feeding of this fetish. He is imminently approachable, totally open about his inclinations, fearless and attractive. His films are incredibly well-put together and they have rightfully earned him the massive respect he now enjoys. There are many among the more objective viewers and reviewers who appreciate this hot stud. But this particular site not only gives insight into Tony. It also shows a multitude of trailers from his films as well as "stills" from them. One can learn much about his popularity as well as about the niche he is so colossal in by checking this site out thoroughly. Tony Buff is a major player in Gay Films and rightfully so. He is horny and active as all hell. He also honestly seems like a great guy and that's never a bad thing.

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