Tony Buff is the official blog of one of the most sought after and popular hardcore BDSM switches in the gay porn business. His youthful appearance and disarming smile should not give you the impression that Tony is a push over. The man can be damn intense and even joined the marine corps at the age of 17. The first thing I noticed about this site is it's excellent design and great layout. While it follows the normal blog platform design with sidebars, it has more of a website feel to it. Available here are reviews on each of Tony's films, free photo galleries of him in action during each shoot, and even past, recent and upcoming events he has attended or will be soon. One look at this guy for those of you who are into BDSM, and yet have never seen him in action, and

your mouth should be hanging open and your cock getting hard. I know he had that effect on me anyway. A sensational looking, informative blog about a gorgeous, charismatic and interesting man.

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