The following may or may not be true. Dare to dream! So I can count all my rimming experiences on one asshole. Okay, a dozen assholes maybe. First time I licked a guy's butt was my first boyfriend and I was pretty much copying something I'd recently seen in a Falcon Video Pack. On VHS. I thought I was supposed to like doing it.

My friend had regaled me with a story of how he'd eaten out a guy for hours, thanks to the miracle of Calvin Klein's Obsession for Women (popular with gay guy's at the time). As for the bf hole licking, I was tentative and not that into it. My favorite part was the close up view of his ass cheeks, with the back of his head seeming far off in the distance. It felt like I was a Falcon stud, although I wasn't nearly as shiny, and we had Brazilian jazz on in the background, not porn synth jams. So I stopped rimming and started fucking.

I think he rimmed me a few times, too. It just felt strange, but I got the point. It could feel good. With the right guy. Probably gave up too quickly on that activity. Rim big or go home!

Fast forward a long time. I never really sought it out and never really asked for it. Since I didn't want to "return the favor" I felt a bit off asking for it. This is going to be anticlimactic but the remaining times were not smashing. Neither my jaw, nor my ass, gaped open. There are moments it felt good but also moments it tickled weirdly. Maybe I need a candlelit dinner first or something? Romance and rimming. They both start with R at least.

But here are these pictures of guys in seeming ecstasy from it. I can't promise I'll be marching (or waddling) in the Rimslut Pride Parade, but tongue/asshole action is back on my radar.

Now a real fake real real fake story to confuse matters: I woke up and my hot mailman Brad had his 6" long tongue (also named Brad) snaked up inside my chute. He kept his sexy blue uniform on the whole time. I wasn't a cheap date though. He left me a few infinity stamps after and a circular from Trader Joe's. I'll be able to mail Brad (and Brad) love letters forever. If only I loved them. That tongue though!

P.S. How far up a guy's crack can a hungry asslicker go? Here's a hint!

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