Armpits are obscene. And completely uncensored. So if you get off on them, you're in fucking luck because they are officially street legal. Now it is a bit of a vulnerable, come hither pose to lift up those arms and present pit to the world. It's not something a guy can do while out shopping for dish detergent or waiting in line at the post office. Although a strategically placed tank top should do the trick. But true pit lovers know it's not just about the look. It's about the taste, the smell, that place where chest meets shoulder meets lat meets heaven.

And here's the thing. I get that some people may generally not be into that spot or having their pits loved on. But it's about how when you're in heat, those nooks and crannies of the body, and all their sights and smells, become intoxicating. Plus if he shoves your face in there you don't really have a choice do you. Well you can fight back by jacking his dick but he'll probably keep your face in his pits for awhile anyhow. And then you'll stick out your tongue. Just to see. And then it will feel good for you and for him and suddenly it's 45 minutes later and there are two puddles of cum on the floor.

Natural scent is best for this kind of thing. And if a guy takes care of himself (and he can shower first too if you both like it that way), it'll taste and smell just right, like him. Ever been with a guy where you are just chemically connected? I've had that connection before. It was back in the days when cell phones had antennas and gayborhoods still existed. I. Got. Into. That. Guy's. Pits. Hard. Damn.

And I'm sure whoever was watching us (we did it at night with some lights on and the shades totally open) approved. Didn't get a single indecent exposure complaint. Despite trying our hardest.

P.S. Armpit sniffing a lean naked stud is a thing.

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