Tommy Shoots Into His Mouth

Just when I think that You Love Jack have come up with the most interesting masturbator I've ever seen, along cums pornstar Tommy Defendi shooting his load right into his own mouth from a seated position! I would think that sporting a huge, 9 inch cock probably helps in this feat, though. Unlike many of You Love Jack's models, Tommy has actually done plenty of porn in the past. He prefers men who are just as manly as he is, if that's at all possible. Between his lean, sexy frame and that massive jack hammer of his, he's one masculine fucker! Tommy loves to show off his cock on camera, as you can see. A little bit of asshole stimulation with a finger isn't out of the question, either. That hairy hole of his must be pretty tight because the finger obviously pushed him right to the edge. When was the last time you saw a guy shoot a load right into his own mouth, and don't you wish you could do it?

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