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Tom of Finland - Tom's Blog is a blog designed to be an interactive site discussing the events, reviews, and happenings revolving around gay erotic art and the issues surrounding it in society. It is appropriate that this blog is named for and stems from a foundation of the same name as Tom, a now-deceased and now-legendary gay artist. Tom courageously led the fight for Gay Pride and was instrumental in achieving the level of pride and acceptance we see today in the realm of erotic gay artwork. The linking among all the "inter-Tom Network" circulates amazingly sexy and gorgeous art, drawn and sculpted by the best of our era. Links to the Foundation are easily obtained, which also link to examples of all this good art. The blog itself is used for announcing dates and times of events on the artistic show spectrum. However, there is much eye candy too! Pages inside show abundant and always-fresh examples of Tom's own art. Tom led the way in classical lusty leather beauty, providing wonderful examples of leather wear on his gorgeous and muscular specimens, many of which are modeled after specific people. This is probably an underused asset, is Tom's Blog, rife with art work and connecting to very relevant current social discussion. This is a site to bookmark.

"In those days, a gay man was made to feel nothing but shame about his feelings and his sexuality. I wanted my drawings to counteract that, to show gay men being happy and positive about who they were. Oh, I didn't sit down to think this all out carefully. But I knew -- right from the start -- that my men were going to be proud and happy men!" -- Tom of Finland

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